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 buy fifa 14 coins 2006 Germany World Cup

36, Mexico veteran Jean-Claude Blanc said with emotion: "so glad that we get to enter South Africa,buy fifa 14 coins this will be my third time at the World Cup finals, I was very, very eager, let me, on behalf of the national team appeared in South Africa on the field, is my biggest wish." His movements were always makes people smile, his mind always as bizarre cleverly, if you haven't seen how leapfrog Blanc, South Africa may be a made up if you had a taste of Blanco's frog jump, South Africa may be a review. Blanco hailed as Mexico's best striker in recent years, in 1998 France World Cup, Blanc in the Korea game "leapfrogging" edge "movement is to let fans around the world to remember his name, after which he also played on the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup. 2006 Germany World Cup, he was coach of Argentina pulled Walter Perry out of the Mexico Squad, South Africa again, we witness a World Cup it with a wonderful moments 6. Hajj (Romania)

It is said that he is "Ka BA thousand hills to Maradona", others say he is "the midfield Schemer", although he left our sight for too many years, but when his image appeared in front of us again, he is so lively and so true. Haji, accompanied by a 40-meter crane shot goal enshrined in our memory bank name, 16 years ago, from his central midfield left out a 40 metres away and remote crane shot, blasted Colombia gate, and shocked the world. Although Hajj on behalf of Romania national team effectiveness over a period of 17 years, made 125 appearances, scoring 35 goals, but everything seems to our minds cannot be erased in a moment of passion and consternation. Haji is destined for the World Cup, whether from Madrid to Barcelona was removed, or Euro 2000 song is pushing can't tell Haji like World Cup to pay homage to the position. Dang South Africa World Cup is about to begin at the moment, who will bring us the corner arc with surprise?

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