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Xinhua Brazil Cuiaba June 17 sports,buy fifa 14 coins ps3 Reuters (reporter Wang Haoming, Gong Bing) with the referee whistle, Korea Jin Yingquan players lying on the grass, a long time no Korea team did not lose a game, they in a respectable way in the World Cup Group h opener 1:1 draw with Russia in Asia hold up half the sky. Korea team conceded, nor Jin Yingquan responsibilities-the ball in a melee in the scoring, there are handball and offside, "we should have won that game, the last opponent equalised, I'm disappointed, conceded there are my responsibility. "This is Jin Yingquan told reporters after the game's first words to people who saw the game knows that Jin Yingquan can say is nearly perfect. Defensively, he gives the team turn up to 10 times, plus two successful blocking. Ball, caught 60 passes for 50 successful. Scheduling outside offense except with accurate long passes, also used a free kick opportunity to complete 1 shots and get rid of Igor Akinfeev, but for his team-mates are proceeding slowly, Korea may lead much earlier to the World Cup debut for a 24 year old Defender, successful enough. But Jin Yingquan was "disappointing" as the keyword, behind it is beyond unusual for winning Chinese fans might recall the 2012 one-fourth of the AFC Champions League final, Guangzhou evergrande's home game against Al Ittihad, the moment the final whistle, Jin Yingquan sat on the grass, he here to see more about fifa coins! In that game, Guangzhou hengda 2:0 lead qualification in sight, near the end, Al Ittihad striker down access lift shot, Jin Yingquan clawed shovel out ball but after his body is refracted into the net, evergrande final two round 4:5Lost out to the big boys told reporters after the match: "Al Ittihad striker is superior, but in my capacity, I feel able to defend each other, as long as the focus, and I believe that we can resist. Who scored some fortunate constituents, refracts mark on me. My feeling is a little bit upset when the game is over, the team tried so hard, but ultimately was eliminated.

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