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  buy fifa coins xbox Premier League giants of intercepting a 12 million inter

But according to the United Kingdom's daily mail on March 13 news,buy fifa coins xbox Premier League giants Liverpool shot of intercepting a Inter Milan target prey, for which they have prepared a bid of 12 million pounds, hoping to set the Chile international super-smart.

Maolixiaoyisila is only 23 years old, in 2007 from Chile move to join Udinese at the Catholic University. Next time, ISRA has gradually grown to Wuji Legion indispensable regular player. Isla is a versatile midfield player, has considerable breakthroughs and not only assists, and broad vision, interception capability is also very prominent. At Udinese, he can play right midfield and right back positions. So far this season, representatives of Isla Udine 21 appearances in the Serie a, gave up 3 goals and 2 assists in the data.

Italy media revealed that Inter Milan's interest in Isla, and engages even with Udinese, hoping this summer to be super-smart. Meanwhile, a stately Roman performance in tracking Isla. On March 13, the daily mail reported that Premier League giants Liverpool have joined the battle for ISRA, they even give out a bid of 12 million pounds.

In the eyes of Liverpool Scouts, ISRA is 23 years old, but he already has more than 100 games of Serie a experience, future potential immeasurable. Isla can join Liverpool midfield attack and defense strength of the channel will be promoted, including Suarez, the support center to get more crosses. They are ready to try intercepting a prey to Inter Milan, ISRA to Anfield Stadium.

Isla and now Udinese contract until the summer of 2015 maturity under Germany authority media estimates of the transfer market, currently Chile International's worth about 10.5 million euros. It can be seen that Liverpool out of the 12 million pound offer tempting indeed, according to the Italy media rumors, inter's offer of only 10 million euros in the same period. For Udinese, who are willing to accept higher prices, and Isla to the Premiership, is to avoid a future war with Inter Milan's old turned in embarrassment. Liverpool's key negotiations now is the attitude of Isla, if Chile people willing to move to the Premier League, then the deal will be reached. Inter Milan's game be by intercepting a? The good offices of the two major clubs in the coming weeks will be the key to success.

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