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 cheap fifa 15 coins ps3 led by Mrs Thatcher of the United Kingdom Government

Reds fans resentment of the politician is not without reason, the 80 's of the last century, Thatcher's handling of the tragedy of two football victimhood Liverpool fans on April 15, 1989, against Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup (microblogging) semifinal a fatal Stampede occurred,cheap fifa 15 coins ps3 96 people have been killed and more than 200 injured, this is known as the "Hillsborough". At that time, led by Mrs Thatcher of the United Kingdom Government refuses to open disaster information, the police is to blame on the fans, which seriously hurt the feelings of the Liverpool fans. Until last September, presided by Mr Cameron of the United Kingdom Government to reveal the truth, admit that police had tampered with evidence, and fans wiped out the morning of grievances in the "Hillsborough disaster" before Mrs Thatcher to "Heysel", tough treatment had inspired the United Kingdom football fans angry. In 1985, the crazy behavior of Liverpool fans in the Heysel Stadium bleachers collapsed, 39 Juventus (the Po data) fans were killed and more than 600 injured. In Mrs Thatcher's view, fans disorderly to break up the country's reputation, Cheap Fifa 15 Coins,Buy Cheap Fifa 14 Coins Online must fight against it. Then, Liverpool was banned into European events 7 years, due to long-term and international field disjointed, reds vitality big hurt, several had ups and downs also failed to revival together by effects of also has other football club, 1977 to 1984 of 8 times Champions League (micro Bo thematic) League in the, has 7 times is England (micro Bo) team laugh to last, but after 5-7 years of Europe war ban Hou, England team down, until 1999 only by United (micro Bo data) returned to peak diplomatic will sports as political weapons was criticized

As the cold war-era leaders, Thatcher's attitude to sport are inevitably contaminated age background. In 1979, the Soviet Afghanistan war, the boycott of the Moscow Olympics was Margaret Thatcher presided over the major initiative of the United Kingdom, she was also the first publicly important leaders to sanctions against Moscow.

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