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 cheapest wildstar gold History of neymar, watching teams debut fans second Bailey

Neymar was Barcelona, Santos lost a flagship superstar. In a sport of the world interview, Bailey admitted that he did not want neymar to leave Santos, neymar, but have achieved great progress in Barcelona "for those who like me love Santos, neymar, we do not want to leave. "Pele said," but this is a good opportunity for neymar, cheapest wildstar gold there is no doubt that he would have made great progress in Barcelona. Top Canaries as football, Pele "black" homeland Brazil: "a year away from the World Cup, now the strongest teams are Germany and Spain. Brazil and Spain played the final? It would be great, but for the Brazil team's hard, because I want Brazil to win the World Cup.

Bailey then reviews several topics: the "I really like Zinedine Zidane, Cruyff and Franz Beckenbauer, now I like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Jose Mourinho? He's a great coach, but do not always work.

Lionel Messi Barca old sylvinho and excellent relations, he is optimistic about the player's future at the NOU camp. "He made a wise decision, Barcelona is a fantastic Club. Neymar is concerned, no better Club than Barcelona. "Sylvinho said in an interview with the sports of the world," nice to see player wearing Barca shirt, played for Barca is the dream of most players in the world, but only a few people can make them come true. He is a great player, he is young, talented, and can score goals. He could contribute a lot, he does good at one time. Neymar and Lionel Messi could co-exist, neymar is so strong that Macy's is like a God to help. They will be in competition, they will try to score more goals to help the team. Superstar needs to take more responsibility, and I think they will come up with a great performance.

When unveiled in Barcelona, Catalan neymar said. Beieryouwenya is neymar's Catalan-language teachers, neymar, he only taught for four days the Catalan language. "He is a very smart student, we learn very little time, but he was already standard pronunciation. "Juve Asia said in an interview with the sports of the world," neymar is very approachable, very cute, he is a good man.

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