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The first 25 minutes, Cuenca frontier horizontal ball, chesting Sanchez left-foot volley, the ball went straight into the stands. Barca comeback soon, dribbling in the penalty area by Defender tripped Gomez Sanchez, but the referee refused to award a penalty. Replays show that should be able to award a penalty. The first 27 minutes, Granada, another centre-half Mainz out Tiago's shot in the penalty area,fifa 14 fut coins pass from Harvey. 1 minutes later, Alves on the perimeter from 30 yards out no one robbed, he look at the toe, shot from slightly out. The first 30 minutes, left again to send out threatening crosses of Cuenca, back post Sanchez can outflank the shovel shot did not reach the ball. On 32 minutes, Cuenca left the Massey road, ball was ruled offside, replays showing the linesman made a mistake.

On 34 minutes, but also from Udinese by yellow by Benitez to dissatisfaction with refereeing decisions. Dominate Barcelona temporarily slowed the pace, Granada 40th minute 2nd threat to Barcelona's penalty area.Cheap Fifa 14 Coins,Buy Cheap Fifa 14 Coins Online!! Benitez left out of pique crosses to the door and Carles Puyol beat out. Barca immediately launching quick counter-attacks, Harvey picked passes Massey formed a single, error flag again but the linesman signaled offside Messi. The first 44 minutes, Sanchez after a cross from the right to the point, Mainz, joined from Udinese just before Cuenca else touched the ball off the line. Match ended in Barcelona 2-0 in the first half.

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