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 fifa coins the strongest team Brazil

After 6 rounds of waiting, inter finally got defensive core Campagnaro's return, injury for up to 40 days to Argentina Gates finally recovered, is expected to play Saturday's game against newly promoted Livorno. According to Italy media revealed, fifa coins Campagnaro injury of aggravated main is because October early representative Argentina national team played world preliminaries, inter aspects on this extremely discontent League Qian 5 round, Campagnaro field field starting, inter made 4 WINS 1 flat of impressive record, into 15 ball lost two ball; last representative blue black Regiment played, Campagnaro rate team beat rival Florence, against purple Lily of game zhihou, Campagnaro actually has body with sustained minor injuries, but Argentina team coach Savilla still will its recruited team, And let Campagnaro against Uruguay in this difference game started and played the full game, which eventually lead to the injury aggravated after returning to Milan, Campagnaro as muscle injury sidelined for 40 days at a time, he refuse to fight in 6 games, Inter Milan just two WINS, the remaining 4 games 3-1, only scored 9 points, ball was 12 to 10. From the Nerazzurri's record low, we could see Campagnaro, at present, the importance of Inter Milan. Fortunately, currently Argentina iron gate of muscle injury has recovered, is expected to in this week six inter against Livorno of game Shi return, even will directly returned to starting lineup for played team game aggravated Campagnaro injury of claims, Argentina team coach Savilla said: "I with Hugo (Campagnaro of name) Exchange had, he at with I said himself has recovered, he no in previously inter of game Shi appearances (refers to of is inter September 29Day trip to Cagliari's match), this is the coach's tactical choices. Walter mazzarri want players physical condition appeared to have reached 100%, but Hugo was unable to meet his requirements. Brazil before the World Cup, we have not many games can drill Squad, expedition to form the strongest team Brazil.

For now the Inter Milan, Campagnaro's core position is beyond doubt. Blue Black regiment defense except goalkeeper Samir handanovic State well zhiwai, Samuel age, pulled Nokia shortcomings and advantages also obviously, Marco Andreolli strength limited, small Juan still explicit young and bold, so, old men Campagnaro is Mazar in most can rely heavily on of iron gate, country's AfA for Savilla of explained probably hard accept, fortunately Argentina team this year of game task has ended, inter without worried defence pillar again by FIFA virus of intrusion.

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