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 fut coins due to team participate in World Cup

Results displayed: in opened time,fut coins that Dang game for time and local opened time coincide Shi, stock fell probability obviously, and in rest time for game of stock day opened Hou rose probability obviously statistics results showed that, "World Cup magic curse" main effects of more is those game time and work time coincide of national, worth a mention of is, due to team participate in World Cup of times and opportunities less have poor, and Kasai time usually in China midnight rest period, so game to shares brings of impact seems to more small, So from this point of view, release "World Cup curse", will have to see a share game popularity impact on the stock market significantly

On the reasons of the spell of the World Cup, a popular theory is that due to the World Cup finals is exciting, with investors distracted, especially institutional trader and Fund Manager was distracted, thereby making the market deserted. Also, financial big crocodile in World Cup held during instead research World Cup is will has this "World Cup magic curse", main derived from Yu football movement of charm, football movement was called is world first movement, and World Cup is representative with from five continents of football power of against, is a peace era of war, it was obsession, was crazy, some incredible of things often around with World Cup and occurred. For example, to watch the World Cup soccer match, some countries may have a holiday for government officials; in order to watch the World Cup matches, the opposing sides in the war may even truce for this purpose; to a World Cup victory, a State, a nation can be drowned in the riot.

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