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 fut coins ps3 4 lost to Colombia 3 bottom field only 1 out

SINA sports news Beijing time June 25,fut coins ps3 at 4 o'clock (Brazil 17 o'clock), end of the World Cup Group c match at the kuyabapantanaer Stadium scramble, Japan squad against Colombia. On 16 minutes, this yetaixing sent a penalty kick, praised Derado penalty hits. Half of Shinji Okazaki buzzer header equalized in injury time. 55 and 82 minutes, Martinez scored twice. 90 minutes, Rodriguez lock victory 90 minutes fighting, Japan team 1 4 lost Colombia, 3 field only 1 points bottom out, Colombia 3 streak claimed topped, one-eighth finals against Uruguay Japan team in group game Qian two round only got 1 points, this war must win ball is towards emerged as of opportunities; Japan team discharge has highlight attack ideas of 4 2 3 1 formation, Kagawa really Division return starting. Colombia has passed 2 straight ahead, this lineup was no less than 8 rotations are relaxed to the location of Colombia in the opening stages of forming an pass advantage, Japan immediately prior to entering the half continued the rhythm of pressure main. The first 7 minutes, Makoto Hasebe won a free kick on the right side; Keisuke Honda goal hit the wall line, Colombia GK Ospina will be confiscated. The first 9 minutes, Japan midfielder suddenly pass from dajiubaojia against offside caught the ball out of the goal in the penalty area the ball off Almero plugging. Dajiubaojiaren external goal after 1 minute left. The 14 minute, Japan team up front closing in a Cheap Fifa 14 Coins,Buy Cheap Fifa 14 Coins Online!! row creating the constant offensive, Uchida Atsushi people-right long shot was deflected off the line; tactics after a corner kick out, Makoto Hasebe long-range Ospina income again in the 17thMinutes at defensive back situations of Colombia by a penalty scored errors--Shinji Okazaki midfield Colombia formed Beatdown, Ramos trip to the ball in the penalty area moments is this wild Thai go down referee decisively determine the penalty and to this yetaixing a yellow card; Kwame Derado fencing strongly muscled hits, Colombia 1-0 lead.

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