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 fut coins referee no decision

Japan team and sustained impact,fut coins 1 minute friends long after you cross under the left wing, Ospina attack fails to control the placement, dajiubaojiaren under Almero struggled to contend for the top also missed an open goal opportunity. On 61 minutes, Baranta front guard the bottom line ball elbow in the closing down of Shinji Okazaki face, referee no decision, Shinji Okazaki nose is bleeding. Japan team substituted a Yamaguchi-Hotaru Aoyama Toshihiro 63rd minute, Kagawa road breakthroughs were Lin Fang, who received a yellow card; Keisuke free kick great long shot was saved by Ospina. 66thMinutes, Okazaki Shinji Uchida Atsushi people with the right quick biography, dajiubaojiaren road, flanked in place, but under a defender tackles interference muscled higher. Japan then adjust Shi Gu Yao lang replaced striker Shinji Okazaki. Sustained pressure before Japan even by corners, but in Colombia full back does not manufacture under real threat. Parties also small dense ball of a referee upside down scenes on 72 minutes, Colombia formed 3 dozen 4 counter-attack, but Rodriguez, with Ramos for two consecutive pin attempts were blocked. Konno Thai friends happiness and long row on the left long shots did not pose a threat. Colombia also passes missed the 3 play 3 counterattack opportunities. On 82 minutes, Colombia finally grasp the fighting chance clinching-Rodriguez road, pass the ball into Japan team slot on the right side of the area, Martinez Curveball after spiking Akira Uchida Atsushi people break into the click here to see more about fifa coins! far corner of the goal, Colombia 3-1 lead. Colombia opted for a 43-year-old keeper Mondragon Mondragon Cup debut player beyond Uncle Milla was the oldest record for after 84 minutes, Makoto Hasebe through-left side of the penalty area, Kagawa slanted left. Kagawa was substituted. The 90 minute, Colombia scored again--Ramos road diagonal gap on the left side, Rodriguez inserts a box shakes down Ji Tianma wild, lightweight Jet score, score 4-1. Before the game ended, Shi Gu Yao long road goal of the area was saved by Mondragon. Final Colombia 4-1 win over Japan.

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