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  fut coins the World Cup tolerable

They were stars, fut coins they are "shooting stars", and their World Cup may be short, perhaps their World Cup empty-handed, however they won Yong as contained in World Cup history and fans ' hearts. Do you still remember those who are not superstars is worth a star, we spend not good football players?Because of his blond "explosion" haircut and let the World Cup tolerable for his "Golden Lion" in the world but football forever. From 1990 to 1998, and has three World Cup in Valderrama is Colombia representatives of football age, wore the symbol of the soul of the team's 10th number one shirt, casual moves with the ball, ungoverned character with that signature curly hair, which would undoubtedly be that fond memories watching the pure. On the pitch, Valderrama the ball extremely strong, although somewhat lazy, but always at a crucial moment to the appropriate location. For Valderrama's style of football, Maradona gave his good friend and humorous descriptions of "he doesn't need to run speed is use fast to play and enjoy football. "Argentina former World Cup winning coach Menotti said of him:" he's football history, the only person standing still to play, but even so he's speeds are faster than .Who is the most amazing substitute in Cup history? The answer is "Uncle Mira". 1990 Italy in summer, 38 year old Milla ushered in the peak of their own. African male lion Cameroon shocked the whole world, Mira and blockbuster.

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