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 maplestory mesos Fiorentina away from relegation

Italy local time,maplestory mesos August 22, at 18 o'clock (Beijing time on August 23 at 0 o'clock), 09-10 Championship finally kicked off. In the opening match in the first round last season, fourth place Bologna, Fiorentina away from relegation. Osvaldo and Adrian Mutu eventually visits, 1:1 draw 5 minutes Gilardino up front long after mass on the right side, dribbled into the penalty area directly shot the ball on the right post and out. Subsection 10 minutes, waliyani frontcourt left fell, referee sentenced favourable, Luca vigiani with ball face three people defensive, area line near directly kicker shot, ball was Frey get, then Florence played counterattack, Gilardino with ball formed pole, but he of shot was dimension dimension Asia Novo drag out bottom line subsection 22 minutes, home team made leading, Bombardini opened right corner, Osvaldo small area road hoisting scored, 1:0. Osvaldo has played for Fiorentina in the past, so no excessive celebrations after the goal. Subsection 36 minutes, Luca vigiani frontcourt right was put pour, team obtained free kick, Tedesco opened backward points, Raj left door column fell will ball hook to road, Osvaldo road header, ball was Frey struggled to bashing out subsection 45 minutes, Bologna Defender rescue errors, Vargas frontcourt left have ball, within cut directly shot, due to angle too small, ball was dimension dimension Asia Novo get second half ex situ again war, Florence for Shang Mu figure strengthened attack. 64th minutes la Viola's offensive achievements, Mr Comotto right-hand side to grab before other steals the ball back, Adrian Mutu directly shot volleys near the front lines, the ball went into the net. 1:1. 77thMinutes, Mr Marchionne out of the right corner, the ball flew backward, Jorgensen in the kicker shot directly near the penalty area line the ball off waliyani parried on the goal line after 80 minutes, Osvaldo upfield after Massimo Mutarelli received a pass and quickly plugged in. But kicker too slowly, Alessandro Gamberini steals the ball. 90 minutes war strike, both 1:1 shook hands Bologna (3511): 1th, dimension dimension Asia Novo/84th, Raj (59 minutes, 21st, Ze Noni), and 13th, wave, Tower Novo w (88 minutes, 18th, molasses), and 6th, bolituosi/11th, dimension Ghiani,mmoinbox and 8th, Ming Gazzini, and 14th, melon na, and 20th, special Desco (76 minutes, 5th, Massimo Mutarelli), and 7th, waliyani/10th, State Baldini/22nd, Osvaldo

Florence (4231): 1th, Frey/25th, section Moto, and 5th, Alessandro Gamberini, and 3rd, up Yi Neili, and 23rd, Perth boast, (70 minutes, 20th, Jorgensen)/4th, donadel, and 18th, Montolivo/32nd, marchionni (88 minutes, 19th, Al Gore than), and 8th, jovetic (46 minutes, 10th, Mu figure), and 6th, Vargas/11th, Gilardino.

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