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 Date du message : 02/07/2014
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 wild star gold 2013 map for PAX East gaming exhibition and vendor information

And many vendors have announced in wild star gold advance or out of exhibition games of intelligence and the latest trends, including:Blizzard (Blizzard) said will in PAX East Shang announced new, and and to session different, this Blizzard ahead of a months suddenly to over media issued has "special" invited letter, let everyone on Blizzard of trends is concern, except Diablo 3 hosts version is was think most may of answers outside, other as Blizzard full stars even legend in the of "Thai Tan" are into has guessing results is one of Yu BI (Ubisoft) will brings to assassin creed 4, and listens storm, and Cell split 6: blacklist, mainly playing of variety dazuoxin intelligence, and including Sparta fucks: legend, and mania shooting: Storm, and Wild West: gunmen zainei of, many name, also Shang weekend in pushed special Shang published of magic door related news also let people curious Yu bi whether will in years Hou again resurrection series made magic door 10 Deep Silver announced has mafia St acts 4, and death Island: torrent, and Metro: last of light and St domain God Fort , More Department this year its of again works Microsoft will show Halo 4 of latest "Castle" map package and war machine: trial of game NCSOFT company will provides sci-fi swims wilderness planet and fighting 2 new version of demo,mmoinbox including development director zainei of main developer also will game system and new map site answers players were of problem and this only is many manufacturers list in the of iceberg a angle, can imagine with exhibition official began Hou will has more of new information rates outgoing.

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