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 wild star gold this with other versions of the Super Monkey Ball

IPhone is the host,wild star gold tilt screen follows. IPhone Tablet design, really like playing together holding a plate, the ball rolling to feel above the game a total of 4Characters to choose from, this with other versions of the Super Monkey Ball is the same. Level content, iPhone version a total of 5 different theme worlds, total 110 points, but there are two difficult choices. When you turn, you enter the pattern repeated indefinitely to practice. In the main mode of the game you've been playing level will be recorded, but if you quit, then next game must be played at the beginning of this world, that each game is not long for people crossing the stage is not a good news is 3D structures, polygonal numbers do not, of course, but very clean and detailed textures. Super Monkey Ball or 2D form, coupled with the backdrop of the 2D map, the picture overall feeling is still good the Bomberman series is hardcore gamers talking about classic games. This small robot bomb across virtually every gaming console, now entering the iPhone platform. And is mainly used in the Super Monkey Ball iPhone accelerometer function is different, Bomberman action more in favor of traditional buttons. No buttons on iPhoneOnly by clicking on icons on the touch-screen buttons to simulate keystrokes. Placing bombs, detonated, the pause menu, which have a dedicated button to click. Most distinctive is the way to move Bomberman, which meant the General simulation method of cross keys on the gamepad: your finger can be a place to click on the screen, then at this point as the Center, slide is up to, and vice versa in the other direction, finger returns the center point or away from the screen and even stopped. Although the game has made a diagram in the bottom left corner of the screen, and prompts the player to move operations here is better, but the fact that you can be anywhere on the screen simulation of cross keys, just as long as you feel comfortable. HUDSON did not forget of course the accelerometer of the iPhone device, mmoinbox when special remote-controlled bombs after launch, you need to turn the iPhone itself to operate when it comes to props, this is still owned by the classic props: flame growth, increased bomb, acceleration, etc, but also has the ability to kick bombs. The special capabilities mentioned above, in addition to the remote-controlled bomb, there is like a tornado, powerful attacks such as Ghost Rider appears as a new feature story background, bomber becomes an adventurer like Indiana Jones, to ancient temples to find the legendary treasure of the dangerous, old, right? In this context, level is divided into a number of routes, each route has a different enemy appears as the greatest regret is that online games are not supported. Now the classic Bomberman game, multiplayer mode is the most popular form, but the iPhoneThis bomb on one of those is a real PC gaming as follow iPhone 3G version of the first game, Super Monkey Ball, and Bomberman are quite good results. In particular of the Super Monkey Ball, and is currently a iPhone App Store downloads top game. And these games are defined as Game Game.

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