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 wow gold simply intently watching

Especially when the stock market downturn,wow gold investors simply intently watching to, the stock market fell as a result is inevitable. Therefore, the "World Cup concept stocks" thou wouldest not, and "the spell of the World Cup", allowing investors to the World Cup is a love-hate relationship, how to become the pioneer of the market during the World Cup?

During the World Cup, some industry excess return.Although "World Cup curse" worrying, but stimulated by the soccer extravaganza, sharp increase in consumption usher in some industries, there will be still brought the sector's stellar performance in the stock market, according to statistics, like World Cup sports initiative to bring consumption to six sectors an opportunity, including food, beverage, clothing, tourism (including aviation), advertisements in the media and entertainment industries KTV, etc. Relatively broad in topics such as the Asian Games, World Expo a comprehensive event, World Cup theme more focused, more distinctive, so it's easier to create a buzz effects, enhance attention, viscous stronger consumption. However, during the World Cup period, consumption boom can really bring the industry overall bullish in the stock market? Through on standard Poole 500 industry index analysis Hou obtained, only individual industry has so phenomenon for, we statistics has 1994 2010 during standard Poole 500 Department points industry index, in whole world cup during and World Cup Qian two years same time segment of price data, from found has some interesting of phenomenon, commercial printing and catering, often in World Cup during can obtained excess proceeds and will whole World Cup months fine into to week for frequency of time segment to, Effects of surging consumption in the industry are reflected in the first two weeks after the start of the World Cup, after half of the race because of the World Cup race day distribution than former intensive, thus the regularity of the impact on the industry than shares the three industries during the 2 weeks before the World Cup or the most benefited

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